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This contest is now closed

Thanks to everyone who took part!

The first 3 winners are below – still waiting to hear back from the other 2. If i don’t hear back today i’ll pick another 2.

These are their YouTube account names

1. djcrumbz – winner of the Maschine
2. kurtlrnz – $50 voucher for
3. YogaFlameEDM – $17 voucher for
4. Daniel D’Antoni – $17 voucher for
5. waiting to hear back – $17 voucher for

Want to win a Maschine? Thanks to Skin, we’ve got one to give away!

Win A Maschine

Want to win a Maschine? Thanks to Skin, we’ve got one to give away!

Skin and ADSR are offering YOU the chance to win an awesome Maschine Skin Pack including a brand new Maschine, a Maschine Skin (which will protect your Maschine from liquid spills, scratches and dirt) and a $50 voucher for

We’ve also got 3 X $17 ADSR vouchers up for grabs and it couldn’t be easier to enter!

The contest ends on April 30th at midnight GMT.


Prize 1 - Maschine MK2, Maschine Skin, $50 voucher for
Prize 2 - $50 voucher for
Prize 3 - $17 voucher for
Prize 4 – $17 voucher for
Prize 5 – $17 voucher for

How to win the MASCHINE – simply subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking the button below or on

Don’t worry if you are already a subscriber, you will automatically be entered!

We’ll pick a winner at random from our list of subscribers – simple!


#1: Must become a Subscriber of to win
#2: You must be age 18+ to enter the giveaway…
{If under 18, you must have parental approval to enter.}
#3: No cash alternatives
#4: Contest has nothing to do with Youtube or Native Instruments
#5: Winners will be picked at random from all subscribers to
#6: Winners will be notified via their Google/Youtube account and announced publicly on
All previous subscribers will be included automatically

The contest ends at midnight on 30/04/14, with winners chosen at random and announced on 03/05/14.

Good Luck!


  • Juan Vera

    i plan to buy the MASCHINE MIKRO MK2 once i cop that I’m gonna be grooving and watching your guys tutorials.. Im glad you guys have tutorials, cause i want to come at this with full force!

  • Marcus Muhammad

    I’m Ready To Rock And Roll

  • Craig Bunker Beats Wood

    Awesome competition, also thanks for the knowledge and tutorials I find it all very useful.

  • Graham Thorne

    I don’t have one. So I can’t learn from the tutorials. But if I did then I’d be back here like a shot!

  • Peter

    I got Maschine Mikro 2 last summer. I’ve been upgrading my system – now I’m wondering if I should upgrade to 2.0 before going further learning Maschine?

  • tricks

    i have imaschine not all tutorials are helpful but certainly some here are but it will be perfect for when i get a full maschine either bought or won.

  • Daniel Coicheci

    I have now been using NI for 3 odd years for djing and producing and never have you guys let me down simply love it live or in the studio, would defiantly love to have a Maschine setup, but with all these tutorials regardless if if have discovered these out on my own or by the tutorials very helpful and a good source to go to when in need of an answer, thanks a million guys :D

  • viktor Sergio

    As soon as we win the maschine we’ll learn a lot from you guys :DD

  • Lukas Rohde

    I am using ableton for a couple of months with my apc40 and my plan is to upgrade my setup. For this I’m saving each and every cent. I want to integrate maschine as a plugin for producing and later on I plug maschine into my djsetup which also will be full of NI-products.
    Would be nice if you support my music!
    greetz from Germany

  • Divian

    Upgraded to Live 9 recently and been checking out Maschine for quite some time. The integration of both looks awesome as seen in the tutorials here. To tame such a beast, this site can be a much needed help with tons of resource material… Would like to get my hands on one to follow along!

  • Jeeno Sux

    I don’t use your tutorials because I don’t own a maschine. I ll be glad to get one..

  • nick b

    Hi I have been using ur tutorials to learn better finger drumming, I unfortunately do not own a lot of native instruments software nor do I have the fancy midi controller, but it has helped me learn new things in ableton, so thanks!

  • Romain Freitas

    I don’t have one. So I can’t learn from the tutorials. But if I did then I’d be back here like a shot!

  • Kunal Sonowane

    I dont believe it really this never happens sadly … but whats wrong in givin it a shot ?
    I Already got one studio tho :P just doing it for my broke friends who cant afford maschine :)

  • kyle vilyus

    I make beats and have been interested in getting the maschine for awhile now well when I can afford one.

  • EliR2

    i was a touring musician but lost my fingers to spinal cord injury. having one of these would put me back in the game…they’re so good-looking too! the iPad app only does so much…

  • Derek Pitt

    Before coming across, I was still green when it came to computer based synthesis. Now I have the confidence & knowledge to design my own sounds instead of endlessly searching presets for the patch I want, but never really finding it. Thank you for all the hard work that you’ve put in to extending the knowledge & understanding of so many.

  • Manel Saborit

    not using it yet hope to do it soon

  • Erik Simon

    What I learnt from this, is just by looking around I can find different tutorials for many different vsts that i use frequently all in one place, even if i keep looking around, it would be great for future use especially just for subscribing. thank you

  • Wantd

    I don’t use MASCHINE ’cause I don’t have but I use ADSR tutorials to make my songs :D

  • {MC}KnightOfTheRound

    I feel that the ADSR tutorials have, and will continue to help me to expand on my music making skills. I’m ready to dive into the world of music, and I know that Maschine will help me do it!

  • Marko Hernandez

    I love using ADSR and I learn something new everyday.I use ADSR to find inspired for new sounds,and winning a Maschine will thrive my music career.

  • Bangs Chol

    Awesome tuts

  • Kostiantyn Dombrov

    Sometimes I find some interesting tips for my production.

  • Jay

    Playing machine in Pitch/key has helped huge with my live stuff.. Only using a Maschine Mikro and 1 software.. but still got there!! thanks!!

  • Ilen Halogram

    Thanks… Im using your tutorials with students :) helpful!

  • Derek

    Taking each video into high regards, and using tips that I learned into performances I truly want to enable to the crowd, it is pleasing. Thanks for everything.

  • Florida Funk

    I currently do not own a maschine. However I’m building my studio and think it would be awesome to have. I’ve used youtube to learn a lot of tricks for producing music so i look forward to watching and learning something new from your tutorials.

  • Xian

    Love this site!

  • Michael Morales

    I have yet to own a maschine,but I study each video I can to try and retain enough knowledge for when I do.

  • Renato Chiesi

    i love ADSR Sound :)

  • Brennon Raposo

    Would love to learn and use a Maschine as a progressing producer, looks like a very creative tool to have at your fingertips

  • Shane Jacot

    I have gotten Emails on Reaktor and have followed you on Facebook for awhile. I live your tutorials very informative.
    Thank You ADSR

  • Flash McLemore

    I freaking hate hate hate reading the manuals, I do anyways but tutorials tie everything together for me nicely. Thanks guys I have been digging in

  • manzoo

    it’s just more natural to watch toturials than manials and stucking there for hours and that cut the time for me thanks for your hard work guys

  • Davide Axel Colombo

    These tutorials are simply amazing…..THANK YOU SO MUCH ;-)

  • Christopher Keys

    Reading the books are like another language this tutorial is like hands on teacher! Awesome!

  • Marc Luciano

    When you think you it all, ADSR is there to prove you wrong :)

  • Darrell Fuller

    I didn’t really even use massive a lot until I came across this site!!!

  • Russel

    Thanks a lot. I began to understand the synthesis. I want to raise my level using your tutorials

  • Hey Ya Bish!!

    Would love to learn and use a Maschine as a progressing producer, looks like a very creative tool to have at your fingertips

  • Alessio

    thanks for the last video you uploaded. Footswitches could be great for live sound, give more freedom and than you can be more creative! looking forward to try Maschine as soon I’ll get the chance :)

  • isaac duarte

    i definitely learned alot about asdr and how crucial it is when you are creating a new sounds. you can learn alot here and make a new sound with modulation and the techniques learned to any daw.

  • Hirogen Hunter

    I learned that these tuts can really help to improve my skills more faster than just reading some stuff or trying random things on myself, thanks for every mail in my inbox with new tutorial :)

  • Artem Nedeljko Timon Walodja

    Good tutorial ;) I’ve learn somethink and I think I’ll use my new knowledge in the future :)

  • john

    I always recommend ADSR tutorials, that is why I include links to their tutorials in all my websites. Thank you guys and… really really really looking to win a Maschine!!!

  • sVendetta

    You guys gave me enough knowledge to rock my Maschine quite confidently. And Massive became a good friend with the help of yours, which is a big deal, because it is quite intimidating when you don’t know how to blow all the bells and whistles of this monster.-) Thank you for helping me shape the music in my head with the knowledge to use the tools! Keep on ROCKIN’!!!

  • John Nguyen

    I’m drunk, what tutorial?

  • Edwin Carra

    Before this site, I just point and clicked aimlessly. Now I have an understanding of what to do and a way to plan ahead of what I want to do based of an idea I have. Thanks for all the knowledge.

  • Zach

    Awesome, straight forward and easy to follow, thanks guys you rock!

  • Toneway

    I came across your site because I was looking for some new sounds for Razor. But what I’m really interested in are your tutorials on Massive. I’m pretty much learning about the synth with your help so thank you! Also,thank you for the Krank tutorial! : )

  • alex

    This tutorial i will use for the best of mmusiiiic :D

  • Greg Staton

    I cut my teeth in massive through Steve. The tutorials are laid out in a language and format that is easy to understand and allows me to learn at a pace that is comfortable and productive for me. Plus they’re hella fun! Thanks!

  • Eric Alan Benner

    I used this tutorial to sign up for the free Maschine giveaway. I liked the Facebook page for Maschine Tutorials, and Maschine Skills. I followed ADSR Sounds on YouTube. Subsribed to e-mails from Steve Foulds,
    What will I do with a free Maschine? I will add one to my studio, to finally be able create the drum patterns I have been wanting to make, as well as use Battery for the first time as it should be used. My productions will be so much more precise, and sound tons better with the use of the Maschine in my arsenal.
    The tutorials from ADSR Sounds are extremely helpful with creating synth patterns, teach me different processes I hadn’t thought of in the creation of synth sounds. If I have a question about how to use any of the NI Komplete instruments, I know I can always find an answer by searching the tutorials at ADSR Sounds.

  • Wonder Breed

    I have used most of the tutorials to push myself into a new direction. Thank you so much!!

  • caseyoriordan

    I used to spend so much time looking for synth samples and would try to tweak and filter them but I never had an original sound, but after starting to use Massive and learning from your tutorials I have an original sound which I can change to my desire and I actually know what I’m doing when I’m using it.

  • Inkyo Chung

    this is very good tutorial for beginner!!

  • jaxman12

    For me time is money and ADSR has cut my programming hours by providing professional and very usable sounds and patches and tutorials. I have also bought five of their tutorials which explain in great detail Massive, Reaktor, Kontakt, and FM8 . These tutorials are a must for anyone using these programs.

  • Balazs tallo

    Keep up the good work nothing better than learn from this videos to become a pro user!!!

  • Matdogger

    I think is perfect! No matter your skill level, you WILL efficiently learn something new every video. My benefit from is that of learning countless tips and tricks in Massive, Sylenth, FM8, and Absynth. My use is in EDM and music of the sort.

  • Xavolas

    I have learned everything you need to compose a new and innovative song. I started from nothing and thanks to this tutorial I achive some great sounds to dazzle. Thanks for being there ADSR MASSIVE

  • William Northam

    HoPe I’m lucky! :-)

  • Kbprod

    I use some synth tutorials for my project. It really helpful

  • Dan Rodgers

    i use massive all the time in my music tech workshops with young people of all abilities and ages, ADSR tutorials provide me with tons of inspiration and ideas for my sessions, thank you very much!!

  • Domagoj

    This tutorials are so effective for me and my daw , thanks !

  • Dj GoZe

    Hola muy buenas!:D Gracias por esta oportunidad! Llevo bastante tiempo pensando en comprar una Maschine y esta seria una gran oportunidad para ganar y darle un grandisimo uso con los tutoriales que teneis en la web!:D Un abrazo y suerte a todos! Ah, y recuerda..GoZa CoN GoZe! :D

  • Milton Joao El-Che Medina

    this is incredible !! i would trip out if i ever get one !! been making magic with my baby #maschine !! here are the demos !!

    for any question ask me !! ill help you out !!

  • Yélïn Hémming

    this one way to improve myself ! every trick and tips usefull to keep my passion safe and authentic ! Thanks ADSR !

  • Jeffrey Buitink

    Have seen the most of the tutorials, it makes me produce much easier than i was used to produce. Can’t produce without your tutorials anymore haha. Maschine will make my studio much better guys!

  • Sandro Pe

    nice explain :) i didn’t know that creating of swell synth can be so easy =) thx dude!

  • Peter Boeckmann

    the best DJ-Equipment’s *-* I have a Kontrol Z1 und it’s just awesome^^ (sorry I’m from Germany ;D )

  • Buzzed Aldrin

    I’ve always been the type of guy that dives right in and doesn’t read the manual. When I was a kid, I would get a Lego set and just start putting them together without looking at the instructions and just see where it took me. It didn’t turn out perfect, but I thought it added character to the final product.

    When I got Massive and FM8, I took that same approach and jumped right in and started using them, but I couldn’t understand how the other guys got the insane sounds out of these synths. Then I found these tutorials and a brave new world opened up to me.

    The thing I like about these tutorials is that they don’t box you in. See, that’s what I am always afraid of with things like these. “Learn like the pros! Make sounds like this guy! Become another cookie-cutter DJ that fits in with the scene instead of standing out!” But the thing is, these tutorials aren’t like that. They don’t just show you how to do one thing, and lesson finished. They help you understand the software so you can learn to control it instead of it controlling you. You learn how to use it, so you can mix that knowledge with your own boundless imagination to continue to create unique music that fits who you are, instead of struggling to get by. They keep it simple and direct, so when you think, “If I could just get this line to oscillate just like this,” there is a tutorial that shows you how to do what you need to do, instead of making you learn their way. Great stuff guys, keep up the good work!

  • Remy Postma

    Also i am a newby at self producing… I finally have a launchpad on the way,my roland keyboard workin on ableton and propellerheads reason 5.0. With Machine my world becomes so much bigger better and more awesome!!! Thank you for creating this awesome device, it will be used to the fullest!!

  • mongmongmong

    These tutorials are awesome. I really appreciate the sharing of knowledge! My skills in Massive have increased exponentially in the short time I have been a subscriber. Cheers Steve.

  • Thomas Harris

    This might just be the best tutorial site i have come across on the net!!

  • John-Paul Scouarnec

    I actually found this site for the contest to win the Maschine, but after realizing that this website probably has a lot of potential, I looked through and realized that there is a lot to offer here. I will continue looking through tutorials to get the best out of the stuff they have to offer!

  • Glen Prophecy

    I love the idea of the Maschine to produce, I think the physical feel of playing the pads to create drum loops for example is so much better than using a mouse or keyboard to draw in one shots! So convenient with the right groove and feel! Raspect!!!

  • Alex Betone

    I don’t have a maschine yet but hopefully i win this one, i seen one sitting in a pawn shop. i wanted it so badly but I don’t have the money for it because of school.

  • Aline Nunez

    best FM tutorials in youtube

  • Daniel Shoe Briggs

    I’ve known a thing or two about audio production, but thanks for the tips! I did learn a thing or two.
    I’ll be sticking around for more, thanks!

  • Dwight Saunders

    using envelopes is probably the best advice ever.

  • MrJ Torres

    I had a hard time learning synthesis but since finding i’ve learned in a short 2 weeks more about synthesis then i did in the last 6 months. My music is sounding more precise and then ever before, Thank you for your hard work.

  • Niko Jay

    The goal of all producers world wide is to get better at their craft & master the tools they worked hard to purchase. Online tutorials fill the need to learn more about the dynamics & varying complexity of music production that need to be studied & mastered. Tutorials & affordable/ High-Quality hardware & software are the cornerstone for producers who can’t afford school. From my experiences with these tutorials, I’ve learned more about mixing and producing quality music than many of my friends who went to schools like Full Sail University. In the world of music production where the need to learn more and get better drive the producers & composers, these tutorials help artists understand the process of making a quality composition with the tools we use to make them. It’s As simple as that. #IWanthatMaschine

  • Nick Saponaro

    Good stuff. Been using maschine for a couple years, always more to learn.

  • Julian Martinez

    The MASCHINE from NI is the best! i’ve been looking at this magnificent Tool for music and it is truly the best and with massive connectivity is even better i have the latest from MASSIVE and Have created the best sounds from this Plug-In I have every single plug in they made! and the Tutorials they give are the Greatest! and TO WIN THIS MASCHINE would be the best thing ever!!!

  • Zoltan Galgavolgyi

    You’ve got some great tutorials on here guys, really saves time in learning new things!

  • Anthony Darcy Pollaers Rowan

    It was extremely helpful in guiding me through a lot of techniques & now I have the confidence in my self to make my own sounds as well as use the presets it would be good to be able to have an iMachine for the simple reason of making my own sounds & beats. I would love to win this competition to get an iMachine.

  • Daniel Rosales

    i hope i win

  • Shane Jacot

    Reaktor is an intense plug in and your tutorials have helped me wrap my head around the actual building of these synths. It has helped me understand synthesis a ton. Thank you

  • Damian

    I’ve learned 2 things: one is about affecting the kick sound in unlimited amount of ways with Saturn, 2nd one is that I need to learn many more things. I will use both lessons in the future. Thanks

  • Vladimir Korneitsev

    About six months ago, my friend invited me to his studio to show me new acquisition. It was the first time when I saw NI Maschine with my own eyes.

    I am a very long time could not put it down. I turned knobs, hitting pads until my friend not pulled me aside. To do this he had to try very hard:)

    And then I decided that sooner or later get yourself the same thing. Since I’m looking for and watch at all the tutorials that I find about Maschine.But I was particularly easy to do that when appeared section about Maschine.

    I subscribed to the newsletter from Steve Foulds from the beginning, when there was only tutorials about Massive.But now, that I can find all about Maschine here, I no longer need to search for tutorials elsewhere.

    On I can find so useful and high-quality tutorials, what I already know how to use Maschine despite the fact that I dont have it yet.So when I finally will have Maschine, I can easily start using it in music making.

    P.S. I want to win а Maschine, because I have even already allocated a place for it in my home studio:)

  • Daysun Civil

    I am learning more and more by watching the videos! Pretty soon I am going to start making my own sounds.

  • Aaron Ghostwriter Smith

    I’m glad I run a cross yall on utube! MUCH HELP

  • Ryan Hoff

    I love to make music and the videos help me so much.

  • Jérémie Trenza

    I just discovered your tutorials, when entering the contest to win a Maschine.
    Nice work, I’ll definitely become a follower !
    Thank you very much !

  • Gavyn Weeks

    hope i win! i had an old maschine and sold it. So i know how the whole vst works, this would be cool to incorporate into my live set in ableton as well.

  • Balazs tallo

    great way to learn true videos ! Learned about envelopes and a lot more

  • Mazin Beats

    I just really need 1 and once I could offered one. I’m sure your tutoriels is all I would watch!!!

  • doctor dboe

    I don’t own a maschine .. but hopefully will after this comp and if i do win I would used this technique in may ways including as mainly a hip hop producer will use it with pads as shown, long stabs, notes and vocals to make melodies, chorus’s, bridges and much more such as layering with samples and written tracks.

  • Xavier Hamilton

    ADSR tutorials set a whole new standard to the game of tutorials for Native Instrument. I was an instant fan after watching a video on Massive showing how to create trance basslines sounds from scratch !! I mean any ol chump can change the settings to a preset but to start from the default sound and end up with a solid/clean bassline is BANANAS !! It doesn’t stop there though…creating your own RISER FXs, GATE FXs, and some pretty dope PADS that leave you with a cinematic feeling. ADSR tuts definitely a tool of choice when it comes to molding my sound !!

  • Nicklaus Ramwa

    didn’t understand much of the tutorial, I was more than amazed and impressed at all the cool stuff I could do if i actually took some time to learn. Recently decided on a career change as well, so it was a logical step to enroll in an audio engineering course to learn the basics. The tutorials here will most definitely put me at an advantage over my classmates :) muahahah.
    ….but since im such a glutton for punishment, i’ve shared this site with them. bring on the competition! hehe

  • Daniel Rutledge

    I found this on a Facebook advert and totally forgot to write a comment on here because i went straight to your tutorials and realized there is so much more ability to the Maschine than i ever could have far have been through about 7 of the vids.. :D

  • Doug Schroeder


  • Jewlz Tagara

    I have been using Fl Studio for about 2-3 year now when i started I totally sucked
    and was yeah, depressed but because i hung in there the hard work paid off
    I learn how to play the piano which had improved my creativity in music production and have put allot of my time learning how my DAW works inside out and now that i have moved to trying to mastering the art of sampling I felt that the maschine would be the best drum kit to equip me all though money is an issue for me right now I hope that NI-products will help support me in my journey to the music industry that being said
    Thank you very much for this opportunity NI.

    Jewls Tagara

  • Producer SPOT

    great giveaway, nice work!

  • Christian Webster

    I love ADSR sounds because they inspired me to produce music. I bought massive and had no clue how to make any sound. I bought some courses including the massive masterclass which taught me how to make my own sounds. I also love the preset packs, i had no clue massive was that awesome! :) I continue to buy as much as i can from ADSR to help improve me productions! I LOVE YOU ADSR SOUNDS! :)

  • Andy Ocegueda

    Using Massive Synth for tutorials, this would be a great midi hardware plugin for this, also as well as simple production with the pads. Also performing live with maschine would be much more rewarding going forward. I will eventually invest in a maschine.

  • SimonLacelle Farsight

    I am resident of Québec. Am I elligible to participate?

  • Berkay Öztürk

    I have been watching ADSR tutorials for a long time and i also made my own banks and contact with ADSR to sell them! The only thing i need is something like Maschine for my bedroom studio because i cant afford one. Very nice giveaway, thanks! Good luck for everyone!

  • Jammey Moon

    I love the tutorials I learned alot thanks and keep doing what you`re doing

  • John Soxgeezuz Green

    I loved using this Maschine until my apartment got robbed on Christmas and it got stolen. I only wish I could afford another one…..oh well…I still use the software. God only let them take so much!!!!!!

  • Josh Asaurus

    Learning more about massive is always a plus. Makes it an achievement to get that sound you have in your head knowing how to work all the osc and filters

  • Cory Dallas

    Didn’t even know anything about Maschine until I came across this site, I’d love to try it out tho!

  • Lachlan Reid

    I have learned a lot on how to create my OWN sounds and make my songs sound better!

    I really appreciate what your team does to help upcoming producers, such as myself, achieve their goals!

    I look forward to more tutorials, hopefully one day I could be BIG!

    Thank You.

  • Eliot Short

    Was looking into launchpads before this because Madeon. Now I’m conflicted. Thanks ADSR tuts.

  • forthaven

    forthaven needs this. desperatley!

  • Christopher Nguyen

    Awesome! Thank you for this opportunity

  • Evan Holford

    I came here for a contest and for any advice I can get on stepping my game up on any level

  • Rodd Sim

    It really shows the simplicity of making complexity easy. It really can bring production to a whole other level!!!!!!!

  • Issac garcia

    well, first off, im hoping to win the maschine obviously. i have wanted one for practically years! i remember when my uncle (Dj ODC) showed me Jeremy Ellis’ skills on the maschine for the first time. It inspired me to save up whatever i could to get one for myself. Unfortunately, I didnt reach my goal towards purchasing one. but when i saw this ad on facebook, it gave me hope and a 2nd chance to finally own a Maschine. So im ready to see if i have a shot at this :)

    This is
    Comment #200!!! haha
    hopefully i win!

  • rilwan

    Hey watz up ADSR,

    Well before getting to know about You and the tutorials I was an Hip-hop artist who was stuck between using demo software to create and analysis instrumental beats, I used to create my beats using logic 9 which was good but the process takes longer, but when my mates told me there is a better way to gain knowledge of creating beats. Thats when I was introduced to your website even am saving to get a MASCHINE product this would be a great oppotunity to win one of the same people i learnt how to use it from

  • Echo Trauma

    I came across maschine years ago, would love to be able to add it to mysetup

  • Ambrose Liebeskind

    ADSR has allowed me to use more of my imagination and also gave me an understanding of how to manipulate LFO’s and effects and more. Its amazing what you can learn from these programmings. Thank you guys so much and I will always be a devoted client.

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